ANZZI Marbled Series Vessel bathroom sinksBy implementing the right sink, you can create a lovely space in your bathroom that shows off your style. Gone were the days of ordinary white porcelain or cast-iron sink. You can now choose from an array of materials, color, texture and shapes that can make some amazing changes to a dull bathroom.

If you are looking for a contemporary but timeless countertop sinks to implement in your bathroom, then vessels sinks are the right choice for you. Vessel sinks has a luxurious appearance and could easily become the focal point of any type of bathroom. As they are available in various styles and shapes in the market, choosing a special bathroom sink that matches with the surrounding decor and your personal taste is not difficult. And just like any other bathroom hardware, you need to evaluate lots of qualities before selecting a vessel sink.

Here are the excellent qualities of the sleek and modern ANZZI Marbled Series Vessel bathroom sinks,

  • It is made with superior quality Vitreous China. This lustrous basin is incorporated with both the exquisite features of china and the immense strength of ceramics.
  • The Rhino Alloy™ seal assures that the product is built with high standard materials that are subjected to various quality control inspections.
  • It has an attractive marble rose finish that provides an additional glow to your bathroom.
  • They are effortless to clean. With regular use of soap and hot water, you can prevent any unwanted buildup or deposits in the sink. And your sink would remain remarkable and shining over the years.
  • It prevents accumulation of dirt and the glossy surface does not allow the stains to seep through. It might be more sensitive to heat, but you can readily place a hot object over the sink without denting it.
  • Rusting is a type of corrosion that can affect various fixtures when exposed to air and moisture. But ceramic sinks are resistant to rust and discoloration.
  • It is easy to install and does not require expensive countertop cut-outs. With little DIY experience, you can easily install it on your bathroom without the help of a professional. Even if you want to replace the sink, it could be done without much effort.

Buy this aesthetically pleasing and functional bathroom sink and create an ideal bathroom space.