Wall Mounted Teak SeatBathroom is a space where you can primarily focus on your own needs. Whether you are using a steam shower or taking a soothing soak in the bathtub, bathroom helps you to unwind and revitalize your body. That is why people look for affluent bathroom upgrades that look pleasant and could bring comfort to the users. One of the most popular bathroom refurbishing is adding a shower seat. It doesn’t just let you sit during your bath. Rather it enhances your entire shower experience and makes it similar to what you can feel in a spa.

After a long day, when you craving to relax under a jet of hot water  shower seats provide you a snug spot to sit and reduce the stress to your aching feet. It can be very valuable to those who are injured or suffering from any kind of disabilities. Shower seat also helps you perform other activities related to shower like shaving. If you are giving a bath to your children or pets, you use a shower seat and avoid bending over. And it assures the safety of children or elderly people by reducing the risk of slipping accidents in the shower.

The ANZZI’s Goreme Wall Mounted Teak Shower Seat yields great value for your money. Here are the reasons why,

  • It is made with Natural teak wood 

Shower seats are exposed to water a lot. Teak woods do not get affected by the effects of water and declines like other wood. In addition to that, teak wood is resistant to the damage caused by the pests and adds a classic touch to the surrounding décor. Though teak products are bit more expensive, they have increased durability and value.

  • The mounting hardware has brilliant chrome finish

It provides great resilience. Other finishes requires constant upkeep and could tarnish easily. But chrome finish needs minimal care and maintenance. Also, it adds great shines to the hardware and lasts longer when compared to the other alternatives.

  • Can be folded when not in use

ANZZI’s Goreme Wall Mounted Teak Shower Seat comes with the folding option. Thus, it offers you a choice to keep it closed when you want to maximize your bath space and open it when in use.

ANZZI produces quality range of bathroom products that can transform your bathroom into your own personal spa.