ANZZI Madam SeriesWhether you are building a new bathroom or remodeling your current bathroom, the right shower enclosure can make it truly stand out. Shower doors are usually picked at last, but they too contribute a lot to your bathroom design. The ultimate objective of a shower door is to keep the water inside. Though a simple shower curtain might be able to do this, shower doors offer more luxury, trouble-free access and water-tight enclosure. It would also add an elegant touch to the whole space.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and pragmatic addition to your shower enclosure, the ANZZI Madam Series SD-AZ13-02BN works best for you. Here are the reasons why,

  • DECO-Glass shower panels

The tempered glass lets the light to pass through and brighten the shower area. It is also highly durable as there is a minimized chance of breakage due to regular wear and tear.

  • Frameless

One of the major advantages of a glass shower door is its absence of look. It can make a modest sized bathroom look more spacious. Without a frame, the glass attracts all your attention and because of this your bathroom looks more contemporary. Other than that, frameless glass increases the value of your bathroom and acts as a good investment.

  • Tsunami Guard shield

Mold is toxic in nature and can create a lot of health issues. The Tsunami guard shield feature is added to prevent the formation of fog and moisture, thus inhibiting mold growth. Thus, the shower door is more hygienic and easier to clean.

  • Sliding door

It does not take much space so they are ideal for small bathrooms. It is also the best option for tub showers that has a large opening.

  • Brushed Nickel finishing

It is known for its high durability. This type of finish lasts longer and would not show any evidences of wear, water spots and finger touches. In addition to that, it is effortless to clean and can be easily matched with a wide range of fixtures and accessories.

  • The Rhino Alloy™ seal

Just like any other ANZZI product, the Madam Series SD-AZ13-02BN comes with the Rhino Alloy™ seal .This proves that the shower doors are built with materials of highest quality and have been subjected to all the quality control inspections.

ANZZI Madam Series SD-AZ13-02BN also harmonizes with a variety of shower and bathroom decor.