The little things matter and make life more beautiful. Don’t you like using warm towels when cold? Don’t you look forward to the warm embrace of a soft and warm towel when leaving the bathroom? Stepping out of the shower in the morning after a rushed bath and getting that warm towel wrapped around your body somehow lifts your spirit and somehow, you know that the day will only get better. The market could be flooded with many towel warmers but none of those match the luxury, elegance, and superiority of the Starling 6-bar stainless steel electric towel warmer rack by ANZZI.

ANZZI’s Starling 6-bar stainless steel electric towel

Design Adaptation

ANZZI remains unbeaten as the developer of home fixtures and accessories as a result of their highly innovative design teams and techniques. The Starling 6-bar stainless steel electric towel warmer rack is an absolute representation of modern home designs with the European touch. This design is characterized by minimalism that portrays simplicity and elegance.

Functional Capabilities and Aesthetics

ANZZI’s Starling 6-bar stainless steel electric towel warmer rack is characterized by six bars that have been spaced precisely in twos (2-2-2 design) meaning that you get to warm multiple towels for yourself and your family once regardless of the towel’s thickness. Besides the convenience, this is an effective power saving strategy.

The towel warmer bars are rust resistant thanks to the effective, rust resistant, scratch and stain resistant RHINO ALLOY that makes the bars. The RHINO ALLOY is durable and strong and can be relied upon for a long time after purchase. ANZZI remains to be the leading designer of the best home fixtures as a result for their innovative use of this material.

Prominent Features

  • The Starling 6-bar stainless steel electric towel warmer rack by ANZZI has a vertical orientation that makes installation easy in all sizes of bathrooms.
  • It has an On/Off switch as well as a green energy efficient 93W power output
  • Towel warm-up time of 20 minutes
  • It is UL certified
  • It’s made of RHINO ALLOY stainless steel that is safe hence certified.
  • Besides warming towels, it keeps bathroom warm and free of mildew and mold.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and order for purchase is processed within 24 hours.

If you have been looking for a reliable and a durable towel warmer, you have been looking at the wrong places. Visit ANZZI’s website or call their specialists today to end your uncomfortable towel wrapping battles daily.