22 Home Design Ideas for the Fall Holiday Season

December 31, 2000


As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the weather gets cooler the colors of the season get warmer. Beautiful oranges, yellows, burgundy, and reds replace the greens and pastels of summer from the outside in.

There is a distinct change in the senses, sights, smells, and even emotions. Reminiscent of days past, November brings memories of Thanksgiving gatherings, playing in the Autumn leaves, fresh baked pies, and most importantly family and friends.

Here are 22 Design Ideas to help get your home feeling warm and inviting and ready for any Fall get together.

  • The first thing you and your guests encounter is the front door and entryway.
      • Adorn it with an autumn themed wreath in any style to match your decor or the look of your home.
      • Change up your welcome mat to one with fall colors, foliage, or even a Seasonal Holiday Greeting.

      • A cinnamon scented pinecone arrangement or broomstick will add a pleasant smell to greet your guests prior to entering your home.


    • If you have an entryway or stairs leading to your door, a display of gourds, pumpkins, and autumn colored flowers in pots will create holiday curb appeal. Get a more modern look by using white gourds and pumpkins accented with a tall contemporary planter or even fill a long short rectangular concrete or silver toned planter with these decorations.
  • Once through the door, you will want to be overcome with inviting scents. Pumpkin Spice anyone? Apple Pie, Cinnamon, Pine, Pomegranate, Orange, Cedar, and Juniper Berry are a perfect treat to help your home exude a welcoming, warm Autumn atmosphere.



    • Candles can be used to add hints of fall colors and scent the home at the same time.
    • Air Fresheners that automatically mist fragrances on a timer have many of the above scents to change up the smell of your home.
    • Wax Burners can be electric or have tea lights for their power source. There are a large variety of holiday wax melts to suit your particular style and fragrance preferences and you can quickly change them depending on the event.
    • Carpet fresheners can bring autumn scents into your home while you are cleaning to prepare for guests. They can also help remove unwanted smells.

Designers redecorate specific areas of the home to update and change the look and feel to match the season.

  • The Family Room is a gathering area where people tend to spend a lot of their time and small changes here can make a huge difference in decor designs. Whatever your decor style these changes can be with traditional fall colors or more contemporary golds, silvers, and metals.



      • Updating accent pillows on your couches or chairs to autumn designs and colors will make an immediate statement.


    • Updating blanket throws on your couches or settees is another option to add a pop of color and are also handy during those cooler Autumn evenings.
    • Throw rugs are an easy update as well and can be found in many colors and designs to match any home style.
    • Designers may even go the extra mile by updating lamp shades to colors like oranges and browns or even gold to bring a warmer light into the room.
    • Consider updating your draperies in warmer fall colors for a more dramatic effect to coordinate with updated accent pillows and accent rugs.
    • Sofa and console tables should not be overlooked during your design updates. These are prime locations for small centerpieces and arrangements.
    • coffee-and-sofa-table

    • The coffee table centerpiece is a focal point of the family room and one of the more prime pieces of real estate to really show off your holiday spirit even if you don’t update any of the above examples you will want to update the coffee table. Groupings of candles, fresh autumn flowers, or vases in fall colors can make your other design updates a cohesive statement and bring it all together. For a more modern look, consider an all white design using candlesticks, geometrically shaped vases, and just a touch of minimalistic greenery.
    • Modern-fruit-bowl

    • A simple modern bowl of oranges or apples on any table can update a room with a hint of the season wherever it is placed.

  • Dining Rooms have many design opportunities especially if you’re hosting a family gathering.



    • Table runners are a popular base for a more complex dining experience but can add a simple element for everyday decor adding a pop of color to the table. Modern colors would include silver, gold, or bronze to achieve a stunning table accent.
    • coffee-and-tea-table-holiday-setting

    • Placemats are an inexpensive design change and can easily be updated to change the look of your table. Consider the color of your dishware and choose an autumn color or design that compliments it.
    • dining-room-setting

    • Dinner Table centerpieces can be simple and understated or very ornate depending on your tastes. A popular modern look this year is white pumpkins and gourds accented with white candle holders make a beautiful statement. For extremely contemporary and simplistic designs opt for some concrete or metal candle holders or vases in unusual shapes and a variety of sizes.
  • Bathrooms are an ideal place to make a small holiday update and you and your guests will be sure to visit this space.
    • Update your hand towels to a Holiday or Autumn design.
    • Bath Mats are a quick update and are available during the season in many fall colors and designs.
    • Shower Curtains can be updated easily to a fresh fall color and make a big statement in this room.

You can use any or all of the above design updates to change your home into the perfect holiday atmosphere. Use your imagination and wrap your home in welcoming warmth for the Fall Season. Inspiration from the outdoors with the changing colors of the leaves can help you decide on your personal design choices. Modern and elegant, Rustic, or Traditional; the above ideas can help you transform any space into your perfect Holiday home.

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