5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Single Handle Faucets for Bathrooms

August 15, 2016

Single Handle Faucets for BathroomsWith changing style trends, there are so many fascinating ways to dress up your bathroom. Faucets are extremely significant and the most functional feature amongst all the fixtures required in a modern bath space. While most of the homeowners are mesmerized by the looks of faucets, there are many other things that you should consider before choosing them. Here are the 5 questions that you must ask and get answered before buying a single handle faucet for your vessel sink.

1. What is the ideal spout height in faucets for vessel sinks?

This is a matter of ergonomic in your bathroom. You should always prefer functionality over looks. The simplest of design will look stunning on your vessel sink if it has the ideal height of spout. Always ensure that there is ample space between faucet and rim of the sink. The distance should neither create splashing nor cause discomfort in washing your hands under it.

2. Is The Faucet Suitable For Single-Hole Installation?

Most of the contemporary bathrooms have single-hole installations. It is due to the simplicity and minimalistic aestheticism offered by a single-hole faucet. It is designed with levers on its body to minimize the usage of space. When remodeling your bathroom, always prefer using single-hole installation systems for functionality and appeal.

3. Is The Faucet Handle Easy To Operate?

When it comes to choosing the right type of faucet, it is imperative to consider the ease of using this fixture. It will be handled by everyone in your home. Hence, ergonomics play a vital role here as well. It should have a simple single lever that is easy to hold and spin around.

4. Is the Faucet Made From Lead-Free Materials?

The material of single handle faucet should also be carefully selected. It should be preferably made from a lead-free material like solid brass in the interior and brushed nickel on the outside. Lead-free faucets are eco-friendly and safer to use. Also, such high-quality materials ensure a prolonged life span for the faucets.

5. What Type Of Valve Is Used In The Faucet?

For a leak-free and maintenance-free faucet, always prefer ceramic disk cartridges fitted into the brass valves. A marine-grade ceramic disk can prevent any leakage or breakage in the faucet. It will leak only if supply water has traces of sand in it.

Apart from these, you should consider buying certified faucets accompanied by a lifetime warranty. Always keep your budget in mind and select a faucet that fits on all the above-mentioned parameters.

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