Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Bathroom with the new ANZZI Vista Sink Series

February 27, 2017

Every homeowner wants their bathroom space to be elegant. Of course there are so many décor trends to choose from and choosing one can be a tricky affair. In most cases homeowners stick to the same old look they had when they build their homes because they don’t want to try new ideas.  However, you can easily revolutionize your bathroom by installing the all new Vessel Sinks Collection from ANZZI the renowned home appliance supplier.

ANZZI Vista Sink

The ANZZI Vista bathroom sink Series is the latest addition to the brand and promises to be a game changer in bathroom décor. If you have been looking for a great idea to spice up your bathroom the traditionally crafted squared vessel sink is just what you need. It comes in a lustrous frosted finish that instantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

The ANZZI Vista Series sink is made from RHINO ALLOY certified Deco-glass material which guarantees durability and a classic look. The mercurial design of the vessel sink is bound to become a center piece of your bathroom counter and with the lustrous finish captivating the attention of users. Like all high quality products from the globally renowned ANZZI brand the material is scratch-tough to guarantee a longer life.

You will not have to worry about repairs because the product comes with a lifetime warranty. This is proof of the high quality material and designing that characterizes all ANZZI products. The minimalist design also reduces installation and maintenance costs which is what every homeowner wants. The stain-resistant non-porous surface is easy to clean after use and your counter will always look pristine.

If you are worried that your bathroom is no longer welcoming it is time to look at the following features that make the ANZZI Vista Series sink a great idea:

  • Immaculate design and dynamic shape that instantly catches the eye.
  • Durable RHINO ALLOY certified Deco-glass.
  • Top mount installation
  • Single 3/4 in. standard drain opening
  • Lifetime warranty
  • ANZZI pop-up drain included
  • Long heritage in kitchen and bathroom appliances from ANZZI.
  • Quick shipping within 24 hours of the order being processed.
  • Dimensions: 16.5 in. L x 16.5 in. W x 5.125 in. Height
  • Excellent customer support from the sales team

ANZZI has been designing and producing amazing bathroom and kitchen appliances for years and the ANZZI Vista sink Series is proof that the company is setting even higher standards. Give your bathroom a new look by ordering one of these amazing vessel sinks collection.

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