Advanced Toilet Systems and Other Accessories for Your Bathrooms

August 14, 2017

Replace your old and outdated toilet systems with the latest toilets utilizing modern bathroom technology. These toilets are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also very efficient in their functions. There is no need to rush off to hardware stores for getting such kind of toilets because the online platforms have become single locations where you can get access to a plethora of modern toilets for your bathrooms.

ZEUS Series toilet

Zeus T1-AZ058 by ANZZI has been skillfully designed using Rhino Alloy certified vitreous china which provides maximum comfort to the users. The toilet also has an extensive surface area for the benefit of the users. The flushing system used in the toilet is a WaterSense certified single flush system which means that the system does not use excess water while providing perfect flushing performance. Gravity assisted flushing enables a flush and forget experience for the users. The single flush handle is polished; chrome plated and has been fitted on the left-hand side.

Odin Series toilet

Odin T1-AZ056 by ANZZI has also been constructed using Rhino Alloy certified vitreous china. The reliable and efficient flushing system, is operated by a modern push that functions with dual flush system in polished chrome. The toilet also has a feather soft closing seat which limits the noise on closing the seat while providing extra space and more comfort.

ANZZI also has other similar toilet systems such as the Cavalier series, Talos series, Kame series and Templar series.


The aesthetic quality of your modern bathroom is not complete without beautifully designed modern accessories such as towel bars, toothbrush holders and robe hooks.

Towel bar

ANZZI Caster Series 21.9 inches towel bar has a modern European design which makes it blend easily with any contemporary or modern bathroom décor. The towel bar has been manufactured using stainless steel and zinc for better durability and performance. The bar has a scratch resistant surface with polished chrome finishing. The towel can be easily mounted and comes with all kinds of required mounting hardware.

ANZZI Caster Series 21.9 inches towel bar is also available in traditional brushed nickel finishing.

ANZZI Caster Series towel bars are also available in 23.9 inches with either polished chrome or brushed nickel finishing.

Toothbrush Holders

ANZZI Caster Series toothbrush holders are available in 7.1 and 7.36 inches. The toothbrush holders have been constructed using both stainless steel and zinc. They are also resistant to scratches. They are wall mountable using the hardware that comes with the products.

The toothbrush holders are available with either polished chrome finishing or brushed nickel finishing.

Robe hooks

ANZZI Caster Series robe hooks are available in both single and double hooked versions. The hooks have been crafted using Rhino Alloy certified stainless steel and zinc. The hooks are given a dazzling appearance through polished chrome finishing or brushed nickel finishing.


ANZZI offers limited lifetime warranty on the products which is applicable for the original buyer only. The warranty covers replacement parts in case of defective product. The product can also be replaced in its entirety if it is found to be defective.

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