Alter your Bathroom Dramatically with the ANZZI Madam Series

June 28, 2017

Shower door is one of the most prominent fixtures of your bathroom.  Today you are offered with more choices than ever, when you are in search of a shower enclosure. Glass shower doors contribute a great deal to the overall look of your bathroom. They are elegant and beautiful to look upon. At the same time, they should be effective functionally. With the new ANZZI Madam Series SD-AZ13-02BN, you are about to achieve just that.

Here are the most distinguishable qualities of this series.

Tsunami Guard shield

Glass doors might look sleek and clean when you install them. However, over time you can see filmy residues on the glass, which is the result of water droplets clinging to the door after your shower. For this purpose, ANZZI offers this glass door series with Tsunami guard shield on both sides that prevent the water deposition, flogging and moisture buildup.


Cozy retreat for two people

Are you tired of fighting for shower time? Then it is time to switch to two-person shower rooms. This new series glass doors are wide enough to fit 2 occupants at the same time.


These glass shower doors are crafted with excellent workmanship and elegant designs. Also, they come with stainless steel RHINO ALLOY approved hardware, finished in beautiful brushed nickel. Thus they are secure, energy efficient and safe from any possible accidental glass breakage.

This new shower door series is specifically designed to suit your functional needs, long-term plans and individual maintenance preferences.

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