ANZZI Timbre Series: Where Classic-Meets-Contemporary

October 12, 2017

Kitchen faucets are used routinely in our everyday life. Whether you are purchasing your first faucet for a brand new kitchen or just upgrading the present one, it is worth investing more money to buy a high-quality faucet. This is because they are no longer solely used for pragmatic reasons. Rather, they are also intended to be a focus of attention.

ANZZI offers extensive range of kitchen faucets in various types of designs and finishes that add style to your household. If you are looking for a faucet that satisfies both your functional and aesthetic needs, the ANZZI Timbre Series KF-AZ034 might be the right choice for you. Here are the reasons why,

Single handled

Single-handled faucets are always easier to operate and maintain. It is enough to cut out a single hole in the countertop to install them. With a single handle, the likelihood of ensuing handle leaks is decreased. Also, ANZZI timber series provide the exact level of control as the two-handled faucets.

Polished chrome finish

Chrome is considered as the ideal metallic finish not without its grounds. It lasts longer, is easy to maintain and has enchanting glossy brilliance. Other than that, it protects the faucets against scratches and corrosion.

Lead-free brass

One of the most leading issues of brass faucets consisting of lead solder is the mixture of considerable amount of lead into the drinking water, especially if it is hot. ANZZI Timbre Series KF-AZ034 is made with Lead-free RHINO ALLOY brass, thus offering great corrosion resistance and eradicating any health concerns regarding the lead.

High-class spout

Inspired by the latest European designs, the 360 degree swivel spouts are fabricated in a graceful angle.

Ceramic disc valve

ANZZI Timbre Series KF-AZ034 includes ceramic disc valves, that don’t wear out and are almost maintenance-free. They work effectively over a long period of time in a variety water conditions. The ceramic discs also safeguard the metal valve against erosion.

The product is shipped from the factory within 24 hours once the order is processed. To know more details about the product, visit

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