Bathe in style with bathroom decor from ANZZI

October 24, 2016

Bathe in style with bathroom decorHome décor has a different meaning for different people. However, no home decoration theme is considered as complete if it ignores an essential area of the house – the bathroom. How would you feel if the first thing you see in the morning is a dull, boring bathroom that does not make your morning any brighter? How would your guests react if they are welcomed by a warm and classy house that soon leads them to a bathroom devoid of any aesthetic appeal? Not good right? Hence, keeping your bathroom visually appealing is equally important. To suit different home décor needs, ANZZI has rolled out an impressive collection of bathroom décor and one of their most amazing products is ANZZI Roccia – a super stylish freestanding bathtub that will give your bathroom that stylish edge.

ANZZI Roccia is made out of a specially created man-made or artificial stone that has a classic matte finish.

This bath tub, very subtly, adds an appealing contemporary element to your bathroom to make it look like a stylish haven in no time. It is not just appealing to the eyes but also a pool of joy for your body. The 5.1-feet long oval tub has been ergonomically designed to give your body a spa-like relaxing and a rejuvenating time right at home. The centre drain ensures that the water gets an easy way out thus, ensuring a completely hygienic soak every time.

Here are some of the features of this marvellous presentation from ANZZI:

– Made out of one single piece of artificially made stone

– Freestanding body designed for wall or floor mounted filler spout

– Offers a cosy soaking depth of 17 inches

– A push operated centre drain

– The oval body has the dimensions – 32-inch L x 62-inch W x 24-inch H and weighs 330 lbs.

– Holds 82 gallons of water

– Easy to install

– In compliance with RHINO ALLOY guidelines

– Shipped from the factory within 24 hours after the order confirmation


Roccia is just one of the gems offered by ANZZI for a beautiful bathroom. Those of you who prefer modern day quirkiness over contemporary flair should definitely get home an ANZZI Shoe Tub – a perfect bathtub to kick-start your day.  In addition, to bath tubs, ANZZI has an impressive collection of bathroom fixtures that include artfully designed bathroom faucets, shower panels, stainless steel sinks and towel warmers that together give you a bathing experience par excellence.

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