Blue Bathrooms can never go out of style!

April 17, 2017

There is something so truly unique about the color blue! The soothing seas, the vibrant sky, the pristine lakes and many more elements of this beautiful world adorn the color blue. The so-ever-present blue however never goes unnoticed. The calmness and freshness of the color have made it one of the most popular choices in home décor including bathroom décor.

Bathroom Sink Blue

So why is blue a great choice for bathrooms?

  • Blue has multiple shades such as indigo, teal, azure and so on. The decorator thus has various options to experiment with.
  • Blue is all about quietness – perfect for the place where you see seek peace.
  • Thoughts flow through seamlessly in the shower. Research shows that bathroom décor with different shades of blue stimulate clear thoughts, calm the mind and makes you feel lighter. If you are looking for the spa effect in your bathroom, then blue is the best choice.
  • The color blue can be used to create a variety of themes and can be used to highlight the bathroom fixtures effectively
  • Mild shades of blue make a space look bigger and brighter. This makes it a suitable choice for smaller bathrooms. If your bathroom is very spacious and you are looking at creating a more compact look, choose hues like indigo or navy blue. Clearly, blue is one of the most versatile shades too.

Some interesting blue décor ideas for your bathroom

You have more than one reason to choose blue for your bathroom. Now find out some motivating blue décor ideas for your bathroom.

  • When you have a blue bathroom, use plenty of mirrors in the bathroom to reflect the color effectively throughout the bathroom space.
  • Glass and blue go hand in hand. Install a tempered blue deco glass sink of any type in your bathroom for a contemporary look. To complement this upscale sink, invest in some modern and great-looking faucets.
  • Blue goes well with white too. Combine blue walls with white tiles and fixtures and feel like the sky is topping your snowy plains.
  • Wood offers a rustic look to the bathroom. To complement the wooden finish of your bathroom, blend elements of blue into it. For instance, you can add a blue colored shoe tub or throw some articles made of blue porcelain to highlight the wooden finish.
  • Blue floral patterns with some Chinese porcelain come across as clean and classic. The blue backdrop can be applied across the entire bathroom right from the entrance. From the towel warmer to the shiny faucets, every feature of the bathroom stands out in such a bathroom.
  • Finally, simple stainless steel sinks and faucets without any extravagant features is all that it takes to make a blue bathroom look great.

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