Brighten Your Bathroom with the New ANZZI Key Series Sink

January 6, 2017

ANZZI Key Series Sink
A bathroom counter forms an important part of the room’s décor.  While the bathroom is primarily used for bathing purposes there is no denying the importance of creating the right ambience to help a user relax. The more beautiful your bathroom is the more invigorating the experience you enjoy every time. The right bathroom fixtures can bring your bathroom to life and the dynamically shaped ANZZI Key Series sink is designed with this in mind.

Innovative Design

The new ANZZI sink series stays true to the brand’s commitment to creativity. It is a traditionally crafted vessel sink with a minimalist design.  It doesn’t hog all the space on your bathroom counter yet its lustrous blue and black finish makes it a centerpiece for the counter. The product like all ANZZI kitchen and bathroom appliances uses a RHINO ALLOY certified material. The high tempered Deco-glass used in its construction is not only durable but also safe for use in the bathroom area.

The ANZZI Key Series sink brightens your bathroom space and it is ideal for space maximization. It is also an easy-to-install without the need for extensive work on the counter. This makes it an affordable yet elegant bathroom fitting for any bathroom. If you have been wondering how to give your bathroom a unique yet glamorous feel this product is the perfect choice.

Amazing Features

One of the reasons the ANZZI brand continues growing globally is the fact that they come packed with amazing features.  With the ANZZI Key Series sink you will not only be sprucing up your bathroom but the features make the product both viable economically and in function. Here are some of these features to look out for:

  • Low maintenance with an easy to clean surface which saves you both time and money.
  • Easy top mount installation.
  • RHINO ALLOY certified high tempered Deco-glass with a thickness of 1/2 in to guarantee durability.
  • A standard drain opening measuring 3/4 in
  • Scratch resistant surface which is also non-porous.
  • Lifetime warranty which comes with all high-quality ANZZI products
  • Beautiful design and a lustrous blue and black finish for aesthetics

The ANZZI Key Series sink are readily available online and shipping is within 24 hours once your order is processed. This is the ultimate bathroom improvement idea for every home. Not only does the color and design of the vessel sink improve your bathroom’s décor it is also ergonomically shaped to maximize space use. Order one of these sinks and spice up your bathroom counters easily.

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