Different Types of Bathtubs to Choose From

June 12, 2016

Types of Bathtubs to Choose FromIt is a growing trend to extend home decor to the bathroom. Today, different and beautiful designs of bathtub are available that add a different class to the bathroom. They are available in all shapes and sizes. However, deciding which one should be finally installed depends on the desired décor, budget and usage. Read on to find the different types of bathtubs that can be installed in your bathroom.

Freestanding tubs

These tubs are unique because they can be put anywhere in the bathroom. They help in flaunting the bathroom floor tiles. If these are installed in small bathrooms, they make the bathroom look more spacious. Free standing tubs are available in translucent colors made from manmade stones. They give a touch of elegance.

Drop-in Tubs

These tubs have framed enclosures that make them sturdy. The enclosures add shape to the tub and make it easy to get in and out of the tub. Since they are bulky on the sides, they provide enough space to sit and give bath to babies.

Clawfoot tubs

These have a quintessential fixture and are perfect fit for a vintage décor. The legs of bathtub are visible and hold it up the floor to several inches.

Walk-in tubs

These tubs are a classic representation of safety and design. People with limited mobility can enjoy a relaxing bath in these tubs. They have a water tight door that makes it easier to enter. Built-in seat allows a person to sit comfortably and have a bath.

Alcove tubs

These are rectangular tubs that fit in three walls of the bathroom. They help in customizing the space. The shower can be mounted on a wall thereby saving the space further.

New style of bathtubs keeps on coming up depending on the latest trends. Gala tub is one of the most popular tubs. Depending on the bathtub, bathroom faucets can be chosen to enhance the decor.

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