Eight Tips for Cleaning the Decorative Glass Sink in Your Bathroom

July 8, 2017

Decorative glass sinks come in plenty of designs, shades, shapes and sizes. They can be used to complement different types of bathrooms and bathroom themes. Glass sinks have been in existence since long and are here to stay for a long time. One of the most important factors about investing in a glass bathroom sink is learning how to maintain the sink in its best condition for many years.

Below is a list of simple yet effective glass sink maintenance tips that can prolong the life of your decorative glass sink irrespective of its shape and color.

  • To start with, learn about the materials and agents that you must avoid for keeping the glass scratch-free and damage free. Never use a rough surface like a sandpaper or tough fabric to clean the sink.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and acids no matter how stubborn the stain on the glass is. It is generally recommended to opt for organic or homemade cleaners (a mixture of vinegar and water) to avoid potential damage. Use the same mild cleaner for cleaning the daily deposit of dirt as well as other specific marks like toothpaste dribbles. Simply apply additional pressure to remove the excessive dirt and follow up the process with a sanitizer.
  • Use dampened newspapers with a mild detergent for cleaning glass. This protects the surface of the glass and avoids unwanted streaks too.
  • Right after the sink is wiped clean with a wet cloth or damp paper, use a dry sponge to wipe out the water marks. Since, light passes through glass, the water droplets and the clogs look too visible if the sink is not wiped dry.
  • Avoid pouring very hot water into the sink to prevent any chance of thermal shock (due to sudden and extreme changes in temperature) and subsequent damage. In some worst cases, piping hot water has caused irreparable cracks on the surface of the glass sink.
  • Keep the countertop free of heavy or hard substances as they can accidently fall into the sink and cause significant damage to it.
  • Find a reliable manufacturer who promises the highest quality of the decorative glass sink and backs the product with sufficient warranty.

Choose a professional installation service that can complete the process without any faults or damage to the product.

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