Experience Exceptional Functionality and Elegance of Cove Series 2-handle deck mounted Roman bathtub faucet

February 6, 2017

The bathroom is a sanctuary for every person looking for a relaxed personal space after the day’s hustle. It is normal to feel bogged down at the end of the day but it’s important to have a space that lets you relax and get back to your element. A space that rejuvenates your spirit, soul, body, and mind getting you ready for other activities and that room is no longer your bedroom; it is the bathroom. To bask in such level of relaxation, all you need is a minimal but elegant designed bathroom that can get your energy juices flowing as soon as you step into the bathroom.

The ANZZI Cove Series 2-handle deck is what you need to add to your bathroom. The 4 piece deck mounted faucet is comfortable and luxurious and makes your soak even more effortless.ANZZI Cove Series 2-handle deck

Design inspiration

The Cove Series 2-handle deck mounted Roman bathtub faucet from ANZZI has been architecturally inspired by geometric designs and fine lines as seen on the spout and the handles. The Cove Series 2-handle deck also has the Italian and the European styles eminently displayed on the handheld shower spray. The perfection in these architectural designs and features has been made possible by the precision associated with Swiss engineering. ANZZI values customer satisfaction and tastes and employs creative designs innovatively in their bathroom accessories.

Functional capabilities

It is important to enjoy the bath or that soak after a long day at work and you need a highly functional but a user friendly handle deck. ANZZI makes this possible. The Cove Series 2-handle deck is light, has safe lever handles, and the handheld sprayer set.

The chrome finish on the deck-mount Roman faucet set is easy to clean and it is also scratch resistant. Water flow is controlled by the solid brass valves and is connected to any 0.5inch supply connection.

Most bathroom accessories are fragile. However, ANZZI’s innovation has resulted in strong and durably crafted Cove Series 2-handle deck mounted Roman bathtub faucet with handheld sprayer in polished chrome.

Outstanding features

  • Elegant chrome finish
  • 4 inch spot height reaching 7 inches.
  • The Cove Series 2-handle deck is delivered within 24 hours of order processing and it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Crafted using safe and durable RHINO ALLOY certified steel
  • It has a faucet hand sprayer and a lever handle.
  • The faucet’s flow rate is 3.82 and it is mounted on the tub during installation.

If you have been in search of such features in a bathtub faucet, then you know where to go. Call ANZZI specialists today for the best bathroom faucets.

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