Factors to Be Considered While Choosing a Towel Warmer

June 27, 2016

Considered While Choosing a Towel WarmerAfter having a bath, it feels frustrating to receive a damp, cold and smelly towel. This happens if after the last bath, the towel was left on a radiator or any other place to get dry. But, it did not get dry. Damp towels are prone to fungal growth and may lead to skin problems. Thus, towel warmers were invented. These not only help to dry the towel, but also add on to the bathroom décor.

While choosing them, keep the following things on mind:

Price Range

A wide range of warmers are available. Depending on the size, style and installation, prices may vary.

Size and Style

There are so many styles that are available in the market that there is one model and design for every bathroom. Styles range from contemporary to classic, artistic to traditional. Antique-style is quite popular. These are also available with Arched or straight tops, Curved or straight rails, etc. It is good to choose something that reflects one’s personal style.

Apart from style, size should also be considered. A warmer with larger surface area dries the towels faster. It is good to have an idea about how many towels are expected to be kept on it. Check if a large warmer will go with the size of the bathroom.

Mounting and Installation

Ease of installation is one of the points that help in deciding which one to buy. The easiest and DIY-friendly are the electric models. They can be plugged in an outlet just like any other appliances. In hydronic warmers, plumbing and electrical configurations are required and these add to the cost.

Timers and Switchers

Energy efficient models are available in market. However, the most efficient way of using them is to leave them on. Energy needed to heat them up is more as compared to the energy used to maintain it warm. Timer can be used to turn these on before bath. Some models have the built-in timers while others have it separately.

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