A: The wood for this vanity is made of a plantation hardwood, para-wood.

A: Pull up on the stopper to make sure there aren’t any items in the drain during construction.

A: Make sure the tub is leveled correctly during installation.
*Tub controls – not all tubs will have all these, depends on model & features purchased.

A: This diverts the water to the hydro jets or to the auto drain system (which drains tub in 1 minute).

A: The 1″ flex hose is for your auto drain connection & the 3/8″ hose is for your door drain connection.

A: You will find a knob, which is larger than the rest. On the dial it says “Jets & drain”. When you turn it to “Jets” the whirlpool will run, and when turned to “drain” the tub will drain rapidly.

A: The friction helps maintain the water temperature that is put in the tub. The electrical will increase the water temperature by 2-4 degrees every 30 mins so there’s no temperature loss.
*The heaters will only work while the hydro system is running.