Finding the Most Aesthetic and Practical Sink for your Kitchen

August 7, 2016

Most Aesthetic and Practical Sink for your KitchenWhen redoing your kitchen, you want to strike a perfect balance between what is great looking and what is practical when put to use. In addition to making sure that your kitchen islands are well laid out and your cabinets offer sufficient storage space, a critical decision that needs to be taken is for your kitchen sink.

Finding the Right Sink for your Kitchen

With products such as the ANZZI 32 Inch MOORE Series, it is possible for homeowners to install a sink that not only looks elegant and versatile in any kitchen setting but also offers the much needed functionality.

The perfectly pressed and shaped RHINO ALLOY certified 16-gauge 304 stainless steel gives the sink an extremely clean look that will last you for years to come. Ideal for homes with big families or households that love to host often, the sink is designed, the 60/40 deep soaking dual basin allows you to efficiently accommodate heavy dish loads including your larger pots and pans.

When looking for a great sink for your kitchen, make sure it offers a sound dampening feature as well to avoid large noises of kitchen utensils clashing against the walls of the basin. The ANZZI sink comes with extra-large Echo-STOP sound dampening pads along with a layer of protective composite coating. This helps reduce the noise when the sink is in use and also prevent condensation.

Pairing the Sink with the Right Faucet

The right sink faucet can complement the way your kitchen sink looks and also functions. With the ANZZI Accent Sink Faucet you have the benefit of an elegant looking fixture that comes with luxurious oil rubbed bronze finish. In addition to this, the faucet is also certified as a Water Sense approved and comes with solid brass construction for durability.

With the right combination of a kitchen sink and faucet you will be able to enjoy your new kitchen space for years to come.

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