Five Interesting Tips to Buy the Best Shower Head for Your Bathroom

June 22, 2017

Buy the Best Shower Head for Your BathroomA revitalizing shower is a great way to start a day. No matter how beautifully a bathroom is designed and built, it is the right choice of bath accessories that determine the effectiveness of a bathroom.

Read on to find out some interesting tips that can help you find the best shower head for your sophisticated bathroom.

1. Analyze the different types of shower heads

There are fixed shower-heads, handheld ones and then the shower heads with hand showers. Each type of shower-head has its own set of advantages and limitations. For instance, the wall mounted shower heads are permanently fixed to the wall and help to save a lot of space. It is a suitable option for space-constrained bathrooms. Similarly, the other two options fit well into certain types of bathrooms. Analyze each type in detail and find the most suitable one.

2. Consider the spray pattern of the shower head

Shower-heads with a wide coverage are recommended for a rain-like bathing experience. This type of shower head offers a refreshing feel and makes it easy to rinse off the shampoo and soap. The wide area of the shower ensures that the full body is covered uniformly thus soothing all every muscle in the body evenly.

3. Aesthetically appealing and durable material is mandatory

Most shower heads are made of brass or plastic with a colored finish or any solid metal. Interior design experts recommend shower heads made of brass (other alloys of brass are also good enough) as they go well with most modern bathroom designs and are long lasting too. If you find a brass shower head that is 100% rust-proof with a lustrous finish and also comes with a bath faucet, then it may be considered as a perfect pair for any bathroom.

4. Quality and lifetime warranty must be offered by the manufacturer

Shower heads are a significant investment and therefore you need one which promises maximum life and quality. Check for the required certification to be assured of the quality of the product. Gather additional information about the make and build of the product before buying it. Shower-heads that come with lifetime warranty are highly recommended.

5. Never compromise on the aesthetic appeal of the product

Do not compromise on the looks of your shower head for a few dollars. When the shower head, faucet, sink, columns and bathtubs of the bathroom are carefully chosen, then the overall ambiance of the space is enhanced significantly.

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