Five Strong Reasons to Choose a Roman Bathtub Faucet

June 27, 2017

Remodeling a bathroom is one of toughest home refurbishment tasks. An important part of redefining a bathroom space is changing its different elements such as the bathtub, sink, faucets and so on. Home design experts often recommend the use of Roman bathtub faucets to instantly pep up the looks of a bathroom.

1. Roman faucets come with multiple handle options

To start with let us define the prime features of this faucet type. Roman tub faucets are deck mounted (rather than being attached to the wall or bath). It has an arched spout that is accompanied by one, two or three handle settings. The choice depends upon the user and the existing theme of the bathroom. For instance, a single handle faucet offers easy maneuverability while the triple handle option is the best choice for a sophisticated look.

2. Roman faucets the perfect combination of style and substance

The elegantly arched faucet and European-styled desk mounted faucet fits easily into most bathroom settings. The three handles control different functions like regulation of water level, temperature control, diverter between the spout and the handheld sprayer and so on. Thus, the Roman tub faucet can single-handedly perform multiple functions and is superior to most other faucet options.

3. Crafted with high quality workmanship

A Roman tub faucet takes much more craftsmanship to be placed on the deck. Unlike the regular faucet that is wall mounted, the roman faucet demands more perfection and care to be installed anywhere within the bathing area. As a result, one can expect high quality of the overall finish and a long-lasting relationship with the faucet.

4. Freestanding tubs work well with Roman tub faucets

Most home owners choose a freestanding tub to avoid space wastage. A perfect complement for a freestanding tub that was installed to save space is the Roman tub faucet. Choose a model of freestanding tub that allows the deck-mounted faucet to be drilled into. The desk mounted faucet offers a perfectly clean look to the bathroom along with the freestanding tub.

5. Roman faucets offer greater value for money

The Roman faucets add a fair touch of luxury and class to the bathroom and most users consider them as luxury additions at the price of a normal bathroom fixture. They make a style statement that has been unmatched till date by any other alternative.

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