Five Types of Bathrooms that Need Natural Stone Sinks

July 4, 2017

These elegant, versatile, spacious natural stone sinks never go out of vogue and are considered by far the most beautiful and uniquely designed sinks ever made! Is your bathroom calling out loud for refurbishment? Do you want to consider investing a high quality natural stone sink?

Here is a list of bathroom style ideas that can help you match the natural stone sink perfectly to your “freshening up space”.

The beach styled bathroom with its natural feel and careful choice of pastel shades look complete with a natural stone sink that is installed in one of its corners. The beach theme is all about bringing the relevant elements of the seaside into a perfect blend and the natural stone just fits seamlessly into such a setup.

A contemporary bathroom with a wooden finish just has the right space to accommodate a natural stone sink. Make sure to match color of the sink to color of the wooden finish. For instance, a yellow natural stone sink can be matched with bathrooms that have a touch of timber or a bamboo-like finish.


The modern mountain bathroom offers an ambiance that feels like taking a shower right amidst the woods. The custom designed mirrors, the stone-studded flooring, mild lighting and exquisitely designed faucets take the user right into the natural bliss of showering. A stone sink suits best into such an ambiance.

Bathrooms with a rock back splash and stone flooring can be merged beautifully with a high-quality stone sink. Imagine a spacious bathroom with stone flooring and a huge wall space that is waiting to be adorned with the right décor items. Add a rock backsplash to the empty wall space and install a stone sink right in the middle of the wall. To complete the look, choose one or two custom-designed mirrors.


Asian-styled bathrooms that come with granite countertop go well with beige or yellow stone sinks. The color of the granite must go well with the sink color and can other element like bamboo walls or pebble backsplashes can be added to the overall look.

Apart from home bathroom, the versatile natural stone sinks can be used in a number of other places like restaurants, spas, hotels and other luxury accommodations too. The exquisite feel of the stone sinks make them a suitable candidate for a lobby bathroom in a star rated hotel or in the massage room of a spa.

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