Four Spots That are Unsuitable for Towel Warmer Installation

June 29, 2017

Towel warmers were once considered as a luxury product that belonged only in bathrooms of a spa or in bathrooms of big, sophisticated mansions. With time, people began to recognize the multiple benefits of a towel warmer and were attracted to its affordable price. Towel warmers are indeed more than just an electrical device that keeps the towels warm. They help bathrooms have a more organized look, keep them bacteria-free and the newest models act as a stylish addition to all types of bathroom.

When you invest in a high-quality towel warmer, be sure to avoid these spots while installing the device.

1. Bathroom Door

The electric towel warmer cannot be safely installed on the door of the bathroom. Not all types of bathroom doors offer the right support to the towel warmers and most of them are too hollow to hold the warmer properly in its position. Hooking the device to the electric power system can be a problem too. Also, if the bathroom door with the warmer is left open for a long time, the towel warmer meets the wall, transfers the excessive heat and can start a fire too.

2. The wall right behind the bathroom door

In most homes, the bathroom door is left wide open for most part of the day. As a result, heat from the towel warmer is trapped and the device tends to reach higher temperatures than intended level. This unwarranted change in temperature can affect the device, towels and in some cases, it can start off a fire too.

3. Inside saunas or shower enclosures

Top-quality towel warmers are graded as water resistant and moisture resistant. They can be comfortably used within all types of bathrooms and without the fear of electrocution. However, the same cannot be said about installing these modern devices within a shower enclosure or a sauna space. No matter how expensive or qualified is the towel warmer, exposure to continuous splashes of water and excessive moisture can rot the device too soon.

4. Near water resources

The towel warmer must be installed in such a way that its switch and timer never come in contact with water directly. The towel warmer must be installed on the central wall of the bathroom and must be supported with firm wall studs. The warmer must be located at least 10-12 inches away from the different water sources in the bathroom.

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