Give Your Bathroom a Designer Makeover with ANZZI

October 30, 2016

Bathroom a Designer Makeover with ANZZIA bathroom is the first place that we visit in the morning. It is the place where we are supposed to snap out of our slumber and prepare ourselves for a busy day ahead. It is, therefore, important, to put some thoughts into designing your bathroom so that your mornings are refreshing and beautiful.  With designer bathroom décor from ANZZI, this task has become easier than ever. ANZZI has an exquisite collection of kitchen and bathroom faucets and sinks that transform your monotonous premises into European style contemporary havens. One such elegant presentation is the Dragons Ash Vessel Sink that blends style and nature with an artistic precision.

Dragons Ash Vessel Sink is not just a bathroom sink but an exquisite artifact. The Mandy Black sink has been entirely handcrafted from natural stone to give you an aesthetic perfection that only few can reach. ANZZI has carefully selected only the finest samples of Mandy Black Stone so that you get a perfect specimen each time. ANZZI craftsmen have designed this beautiful masterpiece to be on par with the European trends without depriving it of its natural look and texture. The exterior of the sink stays true to being the natural Mandy Black while the interior has been finely polished to give you that satin smooth finish. Dragons Ash Vessel Sink is a perfect element to liven up your bathroom and have an aesthetically brilliant morning each day.

Here are some of the features of this sublime presentation from ANZZI:

– Completely handcrafted body

– Made out of natural Mandy Black stone

– Naturalistic décor inspired by European fixture style

– An exterior reflecting the natural stone texture

– A finely polished satin smooth interior

– Each sink is made out one solid piece of natural Mandy Black

– Has a 5-inch drainage opening

– Each sink weighs around 70.6 lbs.

– Each Mandy Black stone used for this craftsmanship is RHINO ALLOY certified

– Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

– Shipped within 24 hours of the order confirmation

With such an elegant piece of artistry greeting you each morning, you are bound to snap out of your slumber and feel rejuvenated in an instant. Dragons Ash Vessel Sink Mandy Black is just one of the marvels that ANZZI can boast about. Redesign your bathing space completely with a classic collection of bathroom faucets, shoe tub, shower panels, stainless steel sinks, and towel warmers. Transform your bathroom with ANZZI and soak yourself in a spa-like treatment at home, every day.

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