Give your shower an upgrade with the ANZZI’s FELLOW series

May 31, 2017

In recent years, customers are more interested in buying shower doors rather than the curtains to have more control over the water spray. There are various shower door designs available in the market that evokes beauty and luxury. A perfect shower enclosure looks as if it is a part of the home and not something that was picked from a catalog. Customers should also consider the long term value of the shower door before dismissing it because of its rate.

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ANZZI has a dominant reputation in the world of baths and showers. With its FELLOW series, it continues its tradition of revolutionary shower door designs.

Some remarkable attributes of this product are given here,

  • The total package consists of 2x high forged hinge, 1x stainless steel door handle and 1x tempered Deco-glass door.
  • It is certified by the ANSI (American National Standard Institution).
  • The Deco-glass of the FELLOW series is clear and tempered with a thickness of 3/8 in.
  • It is protected by the double sided Tsunami guard shielding.
  • The overall dimension of the product is 24 in. W x 72 in. H and has walk-in opening of about 23 in.
  • The hinge hardware is a high forged stainless steel with the approved seal of Rhino Alloy™. It provides 90° action.
  • It comes with a symmetrical design.
  • The product weighs about 06lb.
  • The hardware finish is available in both brushed nickel and polished chrome.

The various benefits offered by the FELLOW series are discussed below,

  • Most shower doors and enclosures are made from 3/6 inch glass and therefore in need of heavy metal parts for holding the glass in place. But the FELLOW series consists of heavy glass shower doors with 3/8 inch thickness. It doesn’t just offers stability and safety. It also opens up the space in the bathroom.
  • As it is water repellant and do not encourage the growth of molds, it becomes a hygienic option for home-owners. Also, they are easier to clean.
  • One of the most redeeming qualities of this series is its lack of appearance. Thus, it helps to showcase your trendy shower heads, faucets and fixtures.
  • The company offers limited lifetime warranty for the product and it is returnable within the period of 90 days. Shipping begins within 24 hours of the order placement.
  • As the design is symmetrical, it can be installed at both directions.

FELLOW series is fashioned to complement a wide range of bathroom designs and adds sophistication to them.

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