How to Choose the Best Bathroom Fixtures

June 20, 2016

Best Bathroom FixturesPlumbing fixtures are the main components of a bathroom. Always choose the best fixtures that add elegance to the beautiful flooring. Other aspects, especially the decor, can be taken to the next level. In case of a budget constraint, value-engineered fixtures can be used.

Visit a Bathroom Showroom

A plethora of options are available on the internet when it comes to bathroom fixtures. However, a clear idea about the look and feel of the fixtures is not possible through websites. Thus, it is advisable to visit the nearest bathroom showroom to see and try the latest designs. Doubts regarding particular designs can be resolved after talking to the sales person.

These days, companies that sell online, put up high resolution pictures on the websites. It becomes easier to make decisions. Their contact number can be taken from the official websites to clear any queries.

Different Types of Shower Panels Available

  1. Wall-Mount- These are highly functional and available with the latest technology. Metal combination of high quality material makes them last longer. Fine minimalistic aesthetics match with the contemporary or modern decor.
  2. Hand Held Unit- Shower head can be removed for bathing or cleaning. Targeted strong or soft spray can be used.
  3. Rain Shower Head– It covers maximum area to spray water. Special care is required because it has an engine and is pressurized.
  4. Body Spray- These come as drill-less slide bars with flush-mount body sprays. They can be installed without damaging the tile work. As they are placed throughout the shower, they massage the body or produce a relaxing mist.
  5. Dual Fixtures– More than one person can enjoy shower at a given time.
  6. Combo Packs– Combinations of types of shower are available to add extra benefits to bathroom decor. Example, wall mount plus shower head, etc.

From the above mentioned types, choose the one that suits your budget and personality. The whole bathroom decor needs to be taken into consideration while zeroing down on a particular type.

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