Improve Your Bathroom Experience with ANZZI Note 6-Bar Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer

November 13, 2016

Wall Mounted Electric Towel WarmerThe ultimate end to every bath is of course being embraced by a warm fresh smelling towel. For most homes, this might not be possible because of poor heating in the bathroom.  Users have to contend with cold towels after a bath and worse still, the towel might have a moldy smell during the cold months of winter.

Leveraging Minimalist Design

The ingeniously designed ANZZI Note 6-Bar Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Electric Towel warmer is designed to improve your bathroom experience. This is an ergonomically designed product that will always give you the ultimate bathroom experience. You are assured of a warm towel after every bath irrespective of the time of the year. The ANZZI Note 6 is constructed from sturdy Rhino Alloy-Certified steel and you are assured they will be no rust to ruin your fabric.

The minimalist design ensures you can still maximize your bathroom space. It takes little space and the vertical installation mode guarantees minimal disruption of your existing space usage.  This is a very reasonable bathroom improvement idea to spice up your bathroom space. With a warm-up time of just 20 minutes, you are assured your towels will always be warm. This product not only warms towels but prevents mold and mildew from growing on bathroom surfaces.

Outstanding Features

The ANZZI Note 6 Wall Mounted Electric Towel warmer is optimized for optimal performance. Every feature brings more benefits to the users. Here is a summary of these features and the reasons why they are essential for better performance of the product:

– Quick warm -up time: If you are taking a quick bath, you will still find your towel warm and cozy. The 20-minute warm up is an industry leading time.

– Easy installation: The vertical wall mounting design is very easy to achieve and the instructions are easy to follow. Within minutes your warmer will be in place and ready for use.

– Easy operation and maintenance: There is a power regulation on/off switch. It is also easy to clean the towel warmer.

– Rust free: The material used in Rhino Alloy certified stainless steel and your towels will remain in mint condition.

– Certification: This is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified product meeting all the standards.

– Elegant touch: The polished chrome will add to the aesthetics in your bathroom. Bathroom installations and the ANZZI Note 6 Wall Mounted Electric Towel warmer will make the space more welcoming.

– Energy efficient: This is an eco-friendly product with an energy efficient 90-Watt output.

– Dimensions: 25 inches Height x 24 inches Length x 4 inches in Width.

– Lifetime warranty which shows how durable the construction is.

This electric towel warmer is in line with the great tradition at ANZZI to manufacture ergonomically designed products for homeowners. It is an economical addition to your bathroom which will greatly enhance your experience.

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