Best Shower Heads

4 Kinds of Showers and Shower Heads

After a long day at work one of the first things on my to do list is to take a nice calming shower. There is just something about the feeling and sound of water pounding down that can relieve stress and pent up energy. Not all showers or shower heads are created equal though. There are quite a few different shower head selections out there, each with their own ups and downs.

Height, spray, and water pressure are at the top of the list when it comes to criteria for choosing the perfect shower head and shower options.

Wall Mount
This is the most common shower head. These are permanently mounted to the wall at certain heights. The downside to this is that once they are mounted they cannot be moved. This is extremely inconvenient for those giants out there. The only adjustments that these are capable of are the slight movement of the neck. Some of the newer low flow options can be extremely low and leave something wanting and cause a person to have to stand in the shower for ages just trying to rinse the remaining shampoo out of their hair. However, there are options with a few different spray options which may make up for this.

English: CG shower head produced in Cobalt

CG shower head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hand Held
These shower heads are great compared to the standard fixed-head.  Instead of being directly mounted to the wall they are attached to a length of hose.  This allows for the removal and manipulation of the shower head.  Manipulation allows for better interaction with and spray on those more hard to reach areas that soap likes to cling to.  The directed spray from this type of shower head is fantastic.  They are great for bathing kids and pets that are closer to the shower floor.  These shower heads also make cleaning that much easier. Yay for clean showers!

Body Spray
If one shower head is not enough for you then adding these are the perfect solution. These are usually swivel heads that are mounted at multiple body levels. They spray in multiple directions and hit multiple areas. Body spray heads spray just like a normal shower head but can create a spa like feeling. Its as if you were receiving a water massage. These are great and you can add as many or as few as your heart desires.

Rain shower heads are becoming quite popular. They are commonly large heads mounted on the shower ceiling. They spray a good quantity of water in a calm fashion. These heads not only create the feeling of standing out in a warm tropical rain storm but they are super calming and stress relieving. It might make you want to spend all day in the shower!