Best Towel Warmer

towel dryer or a heated towel rail is a feature designed to heat towels before using them. For many years European hotels have been using them as combined towel- dryers/racks.[citation needed]

Towel dryers can be made from different metals such as steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. In some types brass or copper is used. The finish can be in chrome plating, polished steel or lacquer. Dryers can be heated electrically (heating cartridge or heating cable) or by circulating hot water (connected to the central heating). Often a combination of the methods is used. In these cases the dryer is heated by hot water in winter time and by electricity in the summer. A towel dryer, with high output, can also serve as a radiator in a small bathroom.[citation needed]

Dryers come in a variety of appearances, such as: ladder types, turnable types and numerous designed other types of models.