Custom Glass Shower Doors

Custom Shower Doors: Where to Start

September 24, 2018

Whether you are making plans for an upcoming remodel or building a home from scratch, it can seem overwhelming knowing where to start when it comes to determining the right custom shower door for your bathroom – there are endless options to examine. 


Before deciding which shower door is right for your bathroom, take the following factors in to consideration: 


Measurements: Experts can measure the shower space to make sure all measurements are correct before deciding which shower door will work best whether you are installing a frameless shower dooradding glass shower walls, or ordering a different custom option.   


Configuration: The configuration of the bathroom is important to consider if you are trying to coordinate other fixtures and accessories. It’s also important to make sure the walls have the correct supports to allow the weight of a frameless shower door or more modern shower enclosures. 


Ventilation: The ventilation in your bathroom is important to avoid moisture buildup over time, mold, and mildew development. Glass steam room kits can be installed to improve the shower ventilation, if necessary so your new shower can stay clean and intact. 


Shower heads: Choosing the right shower head for the shower is important to protect water from going beyond the shower area.  The height of shower heads in relation to the doors is also a crucial element to think about. It’s wise to decide on the type of shower head you prefer for your shower first in order to choose the right doors to finish the space.    


There are a variety of bathroom shower doors. Consider these 4 types of shower doors for your space to determine if one of them is right for you.  After you’ve considered the space configuration, measurements, ventilation and shower heads, you can choose the shower door that will be the perfect addition to your bathroom. 


  1. Frameless.  A frameless shower door is made of a single glass pane that pivots outward.  It’s clean, modern and stylish. Also considered to be one of the most durable options, a frameless shower door fits most shower spaces. 


  1. Frameless Enclosure. This is a great option for larger bathrooms because it adds dimension to the space.  You can customize your shower to be a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the configuration and your budget.  


  1. Curved.  To create a walk-in shower area, curved glass doors can give you the feeling of a larger space by opening the area a little more than with standard glass shower doors. 


  1. Bi-Fold. For bathrooms with more limited space or the use of bathtub shower doors, bi-fold shower doors are an effective choice.  They are the best choice for corner bathrooms and really help to maximize your shower space in smaller bathrooms.  They allow for less water to drip outside and come in versatile styles.


Identifying the right shower door for your space puts you one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams. Annzi has a wide selection of sleek shower door options with a solution for nearly every bathroom