Home Depot Kitchen Faucets

Home Depot Kitchen Faucets and Sinks: What to Consider When Shopping 


Is there really a difference other than the price tag when it comes to shopping for fixtures like faucets, sinks, vanities, or accessories from the builder’s design center or higher end retailers compared to big box retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s? 


If the bottom line is your number one priority, then purchasing a faucet or other fixtures from Home Depot may be a good idea.  While quality products can be found in both design centers and big box retailers, there are some additional services that set them apart. Here are a few factors to consider before you start shopping around for your remodel or new build: 


1) Quality.  A design center or high-end retailer sells fixtures with solid, functional and long-lasting parts. But what many don’t realize is many of these high-end products, like Anzzi, can be found at big box stores like Home Depot, too. Be careful to not let the price tag be the major deciding factor in your purchase, though. When spending less, you may find that the fixture wears out quickly or doesn’t fully function to its original capacity for more than a few years.  Check the store’s return policy to ensure you can return or exchange the product should it stop working properly or if it shows more than normal wear and tear.  Oftentimes, once the store return policy window has ended, many manufacturers offer an additional extended warranty that can be utilized.   Keep in mind that spending a little more in the beginning may prove to be a better investment over time with quality brands found at both custom design centers and big box retailers. 


2) Convenience.  If you’re in a time crunch on your kitchen or bath remodel and are looking for parts right away, you may have better luck going into a physical store to find the faucet or sink that you want in stock and taking it home the same day. Plus, if you’re tackling the installation yourself, you can also find kitchen faucet plumbing parts and supplies at the same place which is extra convenient. If you use a design specialist, their pieces can be ordered, but may not arrive as quickly.  However, if you’re looking at purchasing multiple products all with coordinating styles for your home, like cabinet pulls and towel bars that match your faucets for the kitchen, then a design specialist may be the most convenient to source all of your products from one place. 


3) Design.  As a customer in a big box retailer, you can drop in at any time and get assistance without needing an appointment. And during this process, you’ll be able to see and handle most of the in stock faucets and kitchen sinks at Home Depot to handle before you buy.  If you’re looking to work with a design specialist or meeting with a higher end retailer, you may be required an appointment, but you’ll also be getting the designers undivided attention. Professionals are trained to help coordinate top rated sinks, tubs, faucets, toilets, hardware, and other accessories, making sure your space feels exactly as you imagined it. They are a great option for those who want more of a hands-off approach to design while still getting a great end result. On the other hand, if you already have an eye for design, but would like some professional guidance and someone to steer you in the right direction for great products, shopping from a store like Home Depot will also result in a personally designed space. 


Determine the right place for you to shop by considering the quality, convenience and design elements of your space.