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A walk-in shower creates a nice roomy feeling for your bathroom remodeling project. The lack of obstructions provides a seamless transition from the rest of the bathroom into the shower area. Not only is a walk in shower safer, especially for the elderly and children, it also works perfectly for those who desire a relaxing minimalist bathroom style.

Various Walk in Shower Design Options

There are various design options for your walk in shower. One of the most common variations comes in the form of a glass enclosure, with the glass helping create a bright and airy feeling. For an even lighter effect, consider adding a window to the shower, if it is possible. If not, try a skylight. If neither of these is possible, an all-glass enclosure would be better because it remains bright enough even with artificial lighting only.

You can also opt for walk in shower designs without doors. Take a look at our bathroom remodeling ideas, compiled from our previous projects. You could have the other walls solid, glass-only or a solid base with a glass top half. One thing to note about the doorless walk in shower is that it does not allow for much privacy, and this is generally true for all walk in showers. If privacy is not your priority (or is already provided by other means) then a walk in shower is perfect.

Each design comes with its own logistical and construction headaches on issues such as drainage. So make sure you consider these when choosing what style to go for.

Walk in Shower Floor and Wall Designs

Like any other bathroom, you also have to consider the floor and wall design. If you plan to have a solid wall as part of your walk in shower, use a neutral tile color that maintains the airiness of the bathroom. One area where you can create a unique style is the back wall, which you can use as the focus of your walk in shower and bathroom as a whole. For instance, a nice stone mosaic back wall draws your attention to it immediately you set foot into the shower.

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As for the floor, ceramic, stone and glass tiles are popular because they are waterproof. You can either choose a neutral walk in shower tile design that keeps up with the overall minimalist style or go for a unique eye-catching design to complement an equally attention-commanding back wall.

Finally, consider the role accessories play in the overall style and feel of your walk in shower. Circular showerheads create a warm traditional feel while square rainfall showerheads give the bathroom a more futuristic feel. Other accessories to consider include a soap dish, grab bars, a corner seat and a spa-style bench for larger walk in showers.

Ready for your own amazing walk in shower? Here are a few design ideas to get you started.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Jablonski Associates

Simple & modern overall design to this shower. All the wood keeps it warm and the light green tiles in the shower keep it natural and soft. Love the size of the gray tiles on the floor.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services


Beautiful gray subway tile. Nice long marble top bench.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Laura Miller Interior Design

Gorgeous blue/green Walker Zanger tile in this beachside shower.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services


This small stone tile gives this shower a more warm and cozy feeling.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Victor M Samuel Photography

Corrugated metal? Very difffent choice of materials for this ultra-modern shower. The shower floor is concrete and the shower walls appear to be corrugated metal.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Sticks and Stones Design Group inc.

Turquoise tile niches add a great pop of color to this shower.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Roomscapes Luxury Design Center

A beach style bathroom that boasts a spacious shower and stunning blue inset tile.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Sebring Design Build

Stunning walk in shower in this dreamy master bathroom.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Justine Sterling Design

I really like the pretty gray brick wall tile.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Cue & Cue of London

This very contemporary shower showcases a black natural stone/marble wall.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

London Basement

The taupe wall tile is so different.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Jonathan Raith Inc.

Love how they made the Corian sheet to look like shiplap. Perfect for a beach-inspired bathroom. The gray hex tiles on the floor are a nice touch too!


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

Oliver Designs

Very classy walk in shower with glass doors.


Walk In Shower Ideas - Sebring Services

High Camp Home

Rustic mountain style shower with tons of great detail.

27 Walk in Shower Tile Ideas That Will Inspire You