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RHINO ALLOY™ Certified

This product meets the standard and guidelines set forth by RHINO ALLOY™. This stamp certifies that our product is comprised of the highest quality material available, meets or exceeds all the RHINO ALLOY™ build standards, and has passed all Quality Control inspections.


The ANZZI™ TSUNAMI GUARD™ is a protective layer added to all ANZZI™ shower doors and shower enclosure units which repels all moister preventing any scum or grim build up on the glass surface. Our TSUNAMI GUARD™ layer is completely transparent keeping your door and enclosure glass crystal clear.


ANZZI™ incorporates a clear, impurity free, tempered glass. ANZZI™ DECO-GLASS possess heavy duty strength and durability yet, during molding, is malleable enough to take on a wide array of breath taking forms. Because ANZZI™ DECO-GLASS if impurity and fog free it’s capable of near-crystal clear transparency as well as vividly striking colors, patterns and designs.


ANZZI™ overhead showers and handheld sprayers come equipped with our HEAVY RAIN™ water delivery system. HEAVY RAIN™ provides a powerful continuous stream of water at high pressure and captures the refreshing sensation of bathing under a warm soothing torrential rainfall.