Marvel at the Elegance and Exceptional Functionality of ANZZI’s Alto Series Deco-Glass Vessel Sink

January 30, 2017

Your bathroom is the one room you can escape to and be yourself. Relaxing is crucial for your body, mind, and soul to rejuvenate and the bathroom is the sanctuary to do just that. To feel the magnificence of your bathroom, have that space personalized with fixtures and/or accessories that portray your preference, style, character, and passion. Although you will come across a wide range of home and bathroom improvement fixtures in the market, you must always choose an item that depicts elegance and style while offering the best user-experience imagined. You need ANZZI’s Alto Series Deco-Glass Vessel Sink with the crown faucet in chrome for that.

Alto Series Deco-Glass Vessel SinkThematic design

A themed design creates harmony in a space and the Alto Series Deco-Glass Vessel Sink in Lustrous Brown with Crown Faucet in Chrome gives just this. The finesse with which the Lustrous Brown of the sink has been carved is incredible. Built with the modern European design in mind, the brown sink and the complementing chrome crown faucet makes this sink the center of attention for any bathroom.

Functionality, aesthetics and elegance

ANZZI have transcended their creativity once again with this design giving rise high comfort levels for users of the Alto Series Deco-Glass Vessel Sink. The smooth curves of the sink and the dimension make the sink comfortable to use by everyone. The standard ¾ inch drain minimizes splashes or blockages since it gets out water flowing from the chrome faucets.

Maintenance of the sink is low since the lustrous brown finish is easy to clean. ANZZI hold durability and the quality of their products in high regard. With this in mind, the Alto Series Deco-Glass Vessel Sink is stain resistant, scratch resistant, and its surface is non-porous. These features are a result of the use of strong and certified tempered deco glass. This uniquely designed sink can easily blend in with any bathroom design.

Unique features

  • Safe, durable, and certified RHINO ALLOY deco-glass
  • Intricate, elegant and unique designed borrowed from traditional and current European styles
  • Deco-glass durability enhanced with the ½ inch thick glass.
  • Scratch resistant, non-porous, and stain resistant.
  • Limited lifetime warranty availed by ANZZI
  • High functionality as a result of the reasonable sizing: 175 inches L x 16.75 inches W x 5.8 inches H.
  • Lustrous brown finish complemented by the chrome faucets.

In case you have been looking for a unique bathroom redecoration idea, then you should look for ANZZI. ANZZI offers excellent designs that are highly functional, elegant and highly stylish. What are you waiting for? Visit and ANZZI and get your bathroom fixtures today.

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