Premium Kitchen Fittings for Your House

August 28, 2017

If you are constructing a new house and planning a kitchen or simply renovating your existing kitchen, then it is imperative that you choose only the modern and high quality kitchen fittings to impart a fabulous look to your new kitchen. When it comes to kitchen sinks and faucets, you can consider the following products to adorn your kitchen.

 Kitchen Sinks

ANZZI Elysian Series K-AZ3320-4A

This is a top of the grade handcrafted kitchen sink that uses quality certified top of the grade stainless steel which imparts strength to it and contributes to its superior quality. The sink is large enough to accommodate your utensils easily. The diversion lines made in the sink help in draining water swiftly while the curved corners of the sink enable it to be cleaned easily. Noise reduction is achieved by the use of branded sound dampening pads which utilize sound absorbing technology to reduce sound decibel. Triple coating of a composite material on the underside of the sink has been provided to prevent condensation. The size of the drain opening of this sink is 3.5 inches. Cabinet space is 33 inches.

This sink is a beautiful addition to your kitchen owing to its European style of handcrafting which imparts an artistic look to it.

ANZZI Moore Series K-AZ3220-3B

This is a 32 inch kitchen sink of the Moore Series. This is a dual deep soak basin with 60/40 split and is also made of high strength stainless steel. The bowing base design of the sink helps in fast and efficient water drainage while cutting edge sound absorbing technology dampens sound appreciably. Triple coating underside and satin finishing are other features of this sink.

Kitchen Faucets

ANZZI Accent Series KF-AZ031

This is a single handle pull down kitchen faucet by ANZZI having a European fixture design of an elegantly arching spout. The spout is capable of being turned a full 360 degrees which provides a comprehensive range of motions for washing. The faucet has also been provided with 2 sprayer settings. The faucet has been made using quality certified brass devoid of lead having chrome finishing which makes it resistant to rusting. The high-quality metals used in its construction assures its durability and good performance.

ANZZI Soave Series KF-AZ032

This is yet another example of a latest European fixture design by ANZZI. This faucet has a double handled lever control with a sprayer which can be pulled out by the user. The spout offers a plethora of motions which enables even very delicate washes. The two handles provided on the faucet help in controlling both temperature and water flow.

Other accessories

Bathroom shelf

ANNZI wall mounted caster series bathroom shelf has a modern European design and is constructed using quality certified stainless steel and zinc. The shelf boasts of a scratch resistant surface and chrome finishing which gives it a dazzling appearance.

Soap dish

Caster series soap dish by ANZZI has been constructed using premium quality stainless steel and zinc. The finishing has been done using brushed nickel. It is perfect for a modern bathroom.

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