Redefine your Bathroom Experience with the ANZZI Full Body Lann Shower Panel

November 8, 2016

ANZZI Full Body Lann Shower PanelAfter a tiring day at work, get fully refreshed by using the new ANZZI Full Body Lann Shower Panel. This is a cutting edge shower system featuring a laser cut body with three fully-directional Acu-stream body massage jets to provide a much needed massage to the body. The system also features a heavy-rain swiveling shower head above to provide a constant stream of water for a soothing bath.  There is finally an ergonomically designed Euro-Grip hand sprayer with reach of 60 inches.

Getting your Body Revitalized

The 3-prong system works together to give you a massage and a soothing shower. You will leave the bathroom feeling rejuvenated. This is the most sophisticated shower systems in the market and yet it is also one of the easiest to operate using four thermostatic knobs on a brushed plate. The 53 inch ANZZI Lann shower system is going to redefine your bathroom experience and you will always look forward to using the facility. It boasts the immaculate design of all ANZZI products and sturdy construction using RHINO ALLOY-certified chrome.

Brief Outlook of ANZZI Lann Shower System Features

Every feature on the shower panel is optimized to guarantee the best experience and top performance. Here are some of the features that make this product to stand out:

– Sturdy construction : The sturdy RHINO ALLOY-certified 304 chrome guarantees durability and even the valves are crafted from a sturdy solid brass for optimal performance.

– 3-in-1 operation : This innovative design combines three components, which work in harmony to provide the user with the ultimate bathroom experience. The swiveling showerhead, 3-fully directional massage jets and a firm grip hand sprayer work together to provide an amazing experience and revitalize the body.

– Easy control : There are four knobs to operate the Lann shower panel and you don’t need any training to start using the system. The free reign euro-grip sprayer has a reach of 60 inches to allow users to reach every body part.

– Aesthetics : The precision shaped chrome design benefits from latest laser technology and the smooth line will add beauty to the bathroom space. Chrome finish always looks great in the bathroom environment and adds a touch of glamour.

– Customizable shower experience through the water diverter.

– Easy installation : The Full Body Lann Shower Panel. Is already pre-plumbed to allow for easy installation and use. The instructions provided are enough to get you started.

– Lifetime warranty : This is a standard with ANZZI products and it is proof of the high standards that are used in design and construction.

Still wondering how to revolutionize your bathroom? The ANZZI Full Body Lann Shower Panel will work magic.  It is an economical solution for the most satisfying product and you are assured of the quality of the product.

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