Remarkable features of ANZZI Author T1-AZ063

July 10, 2017

Most people would not think twice while choosing a toilet for their bathrooms. But, the smarter ones usually pick a design only after pondering on various factors like size, height and the functional value. When it comes to a commode, remember that making the right choice on smaller things would make a significant impact on your daily experience.

The Author toilet series is made of vitreous China that comes with RHINO ALLOY certification. This means it is one of the topmost quality materials and, took all quality inspections and passed with flying colors.

ANZZI has targeted the green users with this release as the design includes a 6 GPF single flush system. You can save up to 9,740 to 17,300 gallons of water per year without any compromise in its performance.

They have Powerful gravity assistance, which makes sure that you have a “Flush & Forget” experience. They are certified by the cUPC and WaterSense, proving that they are safe, reliable and water efficient.

They come with vintage, chrome plated and left hand side flush handle.

They have the standard rough in distance of 12 inches and the soft closing lids are designed to lower the seat and the lid quietly.

One of the major features of this Author toilet series is that they are ADA compliant. They are not only suitable for handicapped people but also for those who seek more comfortable toilet experience like the older people, patients with bad knee and tall individuals.

If you want to know more, call 1-844-44-ANZZI or visit the website

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