Revolutionize Your Bathroom with the ANZZI Ember Bathtub Collection

March 20, 2017

The bathroom is one of the most important room sin your home. It is a sanctuary where you spend a lot of time refreshing your body and mind. Like most homeowners you are always looking for new ideas to make your bathroom even more welcoming. One of the best additions you can install is of course a bathtub.  Unfortunately these are expensive appliances that will also require a lot of work during installation. Luckily, ANZZI has just introduced the affordable freestanding soaking ember collection bathtub. This is the latest addition to the large inventory of beautiful kitchen and bathroom products from this leading global brand.

ANZZI Ember Bathtub

The ANZZI ember collection bathtub is a one piece man-made stone soaking bathtub that has an alluring deep red color with a transparent finish. This will instantly become the center piece of your bathroom space due to the fascinating design and lustrous finish. The man-made stone construct is carefully crafted with precision to give a body hugging shape and a minimalist design that stills frees more bathroom floor space for other uses.

The pop-push drain is conveniently placed and it adds to the aesthetic appeal with its polish chrome finish. The ember collection of bathroom tubs is ergonomically designed which means users will enjoy every minute they spend soaking in the tub. The man made stone is RHINO ALLOY certified to guarantee both safety and quality of the product.

If you have been looking for a bathroom improvement idea it is time to order one of these creatively designed bathtubs from ANZZI. The company has been designing and supplying great bathroom and kitchen products for years and the Ember collection is bound to excite the market even more.  With a lifetime warranty users are assured of the high quality of the product they are buying and more importantly you are assured of low maintenance costs.

Adding this bathtub in your bathroom will not only give it a touch of glamour but you will also enjoy having your baths. After a hard day at work nothing works better than a soak in the tub and you don’t have to worry about the space. The ANZZI ember collection is minimalist in design which leaves more space for other appliances.

If you have always been looking forward to owning a bathtub but the cost has been prohibitive you now have a chance to revolutionize your bathroom. Order one of these tubs from the amazing ember collection and give your bathroom a makeover.

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