ANZZI™ Design Group

anzii-logo features world-class craftsmanship in the production of its diverse array of home hardware and fixtures. ANZZI™ is committed to the highest standards of artisan design as evidenced by our products’ lifelong durability. We create a diverse array of products that represent a myriad of styles, shapes, and sizes. We create our offerings with the best-quality materials we can find, knowing that each one must support our reputation for design excellence or it is unworthy to be stamped with the ANZZI™ brand.

ANZZI™ specializes in creating high-end and luxury kitchen and bath faucets, shower systems, and bathtubs that could easily be described as works of art. We offer one-of-a-kind collections created by some of the most respected designers in the industry. With our emphasis on timeless elegance, you can select a custom product that integrates perfectly into your decorative plans while suiting your need for first-rate functionality.


“Perfection is our tradition.”


Forever tied to traditions of old ANZZI™ strives to craft unique and timeless works of art to be admired and enjoyed for generations to come. Marrying the timelessness of old world charm and function with the latest new century technology and styles ANZZI™ has crafted a philosophy centered on an enduring legacy of quality, inspired design, and trending innovation.

Holding to this philosophy ANZZI™ has incorporated the talents of the world’s most creative minds developing a concept of design that continuously breaks away from the mundane.

With the introduction of each new collection ANZZI™ bares to the world an artistic statement expressed in a form that millions around the world can enjoy in their very homes.


ANZZI™ has been acquired as a subsidiary of Spa World™ establishing a partnership sharing the mutual goal of providing dynamic, timeless, quality bathroom fixture solutions to the North American market. As a long time veteran of the scene Spa World™ commanded the established networks and resources expected from an industry juggernaut mixed with a down-to-earth understanding of the importance of innovation and artistic vision.

Spa World™ already fields a number of successful and recognizable brands but with ANZZI™ the focus is on making high quality luxury bath fixtures available to the North American market at an accessible value. Spa World™ has opened the way for ANZZI™ to spread this philosophy to the top retail outlets in the northern hemisphere.

“Spa World™ has spent over a decade transforming the everyday bathroom setting into a personal oasis. With ANZZI™ this oasis can transcend into a paradise of divine luxury.”