ANZZI™ “Going Green for a Better World.”

Green Initiative™

Our planet, our home is our one truly unifying factor. It’s up to everyone of us to do our part to protect and preserve our home for as long as we can.  ANZZI™ and Spa World™ have worked hard to do our part implementing environmentally low impact manufacturing practices, the use of quality recycled materials and low energy / carbon output systems. Our Green Initiative has outlined several key factors to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve realized that working toward a greener tomorrow not only help promote a healthy planet but ensures our great grandchildren will be able to cherish the clean air, green grass and crystal clear water we take for granted.

As part of the Rhino Alloy™ building and materials standards our Green Initiative has guided us in our role and responsibility as an eco-friendly company while always maintaining the craftsmanship and quality you’ve come to expect.

  • By recycling cardboard, paper, aluminum, scrap steel, acrylic, and wood.
  • About 30% of the materials used in the manufacturing of our acrylic are comprised of post-industrial recycled material.
  • Using the latest chemicals which offer lowest emissions.
  • Up to 60% of the material used in the manufacturing of solid-surface products is organic (including mineral mined from the earth and dirt).
  • Our bath furniture is built with FSC-certified wood (reduced impact on the environment).
  • Our wood finishing process uses protective coatings with low-VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) and low-HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants).
  • All our packing boxes are made of 50% post recycled material.