• ANZZI Lann

    The ANZZI Lann

      is an absolutely incredible shower column. The modern laser cut stainless steel really compliments the chrome finish on the Lann. Not only is the design spectacular, but the durability and function of the showerhead is impeccable. The quality of the steady stream that comes out of the head and handle feels like a massage by none other than the best. 

  • ANZZI Kros

    The ANZZI Kros

     is a freestanding tub faucet. I absolutely love this product as it allows me to comfortably relax in the tub without having to squirm around to find a comfortable position where my foot doesn’t hit the faucet. Now i can comfortably rest and run my foot under the soothing water that it outputs. I definitely recommend it.  

  • ANZZI Fawn

    ANZZI Fawn

    The ANZZI Fawn is a one of a kind faucet, it truly is the best of both worlds, as it offers a traditional roman styled classic faucet with a handheld sprayer too (both polished in chrome). Originally, I was one that loved straight edges and was a bit iffy about this faucet fitting with my bathroom, but after installing it, I’ve got to say this is a decision I have not regretted, it perfectly matches my overall minimalist/modernist theme.  

  • ANZZI Nite

    The ANZZI Nite

      adds an impressive arc shaped faucet to your bathroom. The modern Italian design is twisted with a distinct European flavor. The minimalist flare and sharp lines of the faucet appeals to me as well as it would any modernist. I highly recommend this faucet to anyone that is a modernist and a minimalist, but would also appeal to everyone else  

  • ANZZI Eve

    The ANZZI Eve

      is a wonderful product. I initially bought it because of the outstanding reviews it has, but to my enjoyment I found out that it heats up too! This feature is a life changer, after a hot shower, the walk out and to get a chilled, room temperature towel is the worst, but the Eve conveniently heats up the towels to just as warm as my shower, which is really relaxing.

  • ANZZI Aegis

    The ANZZI Aegis

      is one of the more vintage tubs offered by ANZZI for those old fashioned lovers that appreciate a rich history of the original design of bathtubs. The Aegis is extremely durable, it is probably one of the most durable bathtubs I have ever been in. The high polished chrome added tons of class to my bathtub.