The ANZZI’S HERALD series can bring new life to your bathroom

May 25, 2017

When you begin to daydream about the bathroom of your dream, you might start with the bathtub. This is because it plays an important role in bringing the very finest luxury décor to your bathroom. Other than that, high-end designer bathrooms can add more value to your home in case of resale.

bathtub door

The ANZZI’s HERALD series can make your bathroom go beyond being a standard enclosure with plumbing to an ultimate relaxation spot.

Here are some notable features about the product,

  • This product series has been certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • The frameless open design brings more open, seam and contemporary space and improves the overall look of the bathroom. It is made up of 3/8 inch thick clear tempered deco-glass, which makes them tough, stable and safe. Being heavier, they eliminate the need for any structural framing.
  • It comes with a double sided tsunami guard which repels the water and avoids the development of moisture and fog.
  • The overall dimension of the bathtub door is about 48 W x 58 in. H, which would be spacious enough for your uses.
  • The bathtub door is sized at 24 inches.
  • The hinge hardware is a high forged stainless steel which provides 180° action. With the approval of the Rhino Alloy™ seal, you can rest assured about the quality of the steel.
  • The brushed nickel hardware finish and pristine clear glass makes it very much attractive and incredibly functional. The product is also available with a polished chrome finish.
  • The door is designed symmetrically so that it allows reversible left or right installation.
  • The total weight of the product is 52lb.
  • The shipment is done from the warehouse within 24 hours of the order procession. Also, the company bears responsibility for delivering the product without any defect in material or workmanship. They assure that the product would be replaced without any additional charge in case of any flaw.

While installing bathtub doors, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to handle the task. Drilling holes and screwing in may not appear very difficult initially. However, only a professional could accurately fit the doors with no gaps or reveals. By this way, you can reduce the potential of leaks and ensure smooth functioning of the door. Also, issues like shattered glass, moisture damage, mold and mildew can also be avoided

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