Tips to Choose the Best Bathroom Sink for Your Home

April 3, 2017

Most homes have moved beyond the cliché white sinks for their bathrooms. Today, sinks are an important bathroom décor element and are available in various types starting from glass models in attractive colors to the highly functional stainless steel sinks. However, not every type of sink can be suitable for every bathroom in the home. Consider the following tips before you set out to find out the best sinks for your new home.

Bathroom Sink

  • Consider top mount sinks when your countertop material is wood

Bathrooms with a wooden finish look elegant and classic. Top mount sinks are made to sit below the counter and it is just the rim of the sink that is visible over the counter. Home owners are free to choose sinks with slim or chunkier rims based on the already existing bathroom décor. Since the cutout is protected completely by the sink, the wood or laminate counter top can be easily protected. These types of sinks are affordable and easy to install too.

  • Undermount sinks are for the busy bathrooms

If you anticipate busy mornings in your master bathroom, then opt for undermount sinks. The undermount sinks provides enough space to accommodate your belongings and offers a seamless look to the bathroom. An undermount bathroom is also one of the secret ways to make a bathroom look spacious and brighter. However, to opt for the undermount sink, your bathroom stone countertop and the surface must be completely sealed against moisture.

  • Glass sinks complement the contemporary bathroom

If you have a sleek bathroom with hues of attractive colors, then opt for deco glass sinks that are preferably top mounting. Glass sinks are the most contemporary models that the trend is here to stay for long. If you have space issues in the bathroom, but believe that glass fixtures can still be the best way to enhance the look of the bathroom then consider wash plane sinks that are made of glass.

  • Stone sinks for a classy rustic look

Handcrafted stone sinks in deep as well as light shades go well with all types of modern bathroom. If you are keen about creating a rustic look, then think nothing beyond stone sinks in different shades of brown. For bathrooms with a white backdrop, natural stone sinks in shades of grey or black are a more suitable option. In general, stone sinks offer a subtle look to the bathroom and yet bring out the theme of the space without fail.

Bathroom décor has evolved drastically in the last few years and bathroom sinks have moved on from being a simple addition to the space to one of the most lauded features of small as well as large bathroom. Find your ideal sinks today and elevate the looks of your bathroom to the next level.

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