Ultimate Guide to Designing a Small Bathroom

April 12, 2016

Ultimate Guide to Designing a Small BathroomYour bathroom space is smaller than the average size, does not mean you should be forced to compromise on getting it done the way you always wanted to. You may not be able to get your dream shoe tub, but here are a few great tips that you can use in your bathroom design to make it look elegant regardless of its size –

Installing a Corner Sink

Something as simple a pedestal sink can also disrupt the only available walking space in your bathroom. Placing a corner sink right across from the toilet works a lot better than placing one across the shower. This is to avoid an awkward walk-around scenario.

Use a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains around your shower area and bath tub can save considerable space as compared to a glass door that needs to move in and out. Your shower-tub combo will have to fit into smaller spaces, where tubs tend to about 60 inches in length.

A Floating Vanity

In addition to helping the bathroom look bigger, mounting floating bathroom vanities above the floor helps free up space to store little items.

Rounding the Corners

Home interior design experts cannot underestimate the risk of tight spaces, sharp edges and hip hazards. If you feel that the corners of your vanity may get in the way, it is recommended that you pick designs with rounded corners.

Extending the Counter Over the Toilet

Consider a banjo-style arrangement that can be created using a wood or stone slab. This extended counter is great to place a few necessary items without affecting the toilet placement and the minimalist look of your bathroom.

Use a Large-Scale Pattern

Using larger patterns such as wide stripes can help create the illusion of a larger space. While your square footage remains the same, the bathroom will feel significantly larger.

Avoid a Shower Door

For instance, if your bathroom is about 5 feet in width, you have just about enough space to fit in a toilet and a 30X60 inch tub. Home design experts recommend that in such cases, one should just do away with the glass door and simply install a glass panel to keep the water in the shower while also providing some extra elbow room.

Another great design tip is to rely on home accents such as a mirror to stretch across a free wall. This will allow two people to use your small bathroom at once, while also adding to the illusion of space.

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