Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink with a big and functional 32 in. ELYSIAN SERIES hand crafted farmhouse kitchen sink

February 13, 2017

Home is where the heart is and the feeling of being home is completed by a hearty meal prepared in the kitchen. All the magic of a home happens in the kitchen. Cooking is often fun especially when preparing meals for the family. You will agree that the magic can only be fully experienced when using a big, classy sink that makes cleaning up easier. Cleaning utensils is considered the challenging bit in the kitchen but it shouldn’t be. The ELYSIAN Farmhouse Stainless Steel 32 in. 0-Hole Kitchen Sink and Faucet Set with Accent Faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze by ANZZI has been designed just for you. It simplifies all cleaning problems by providing enough space for everything.

ELYSIAN Farmhouse Stainless Steel

Excellent Appliance Design

The ELYSIAN SERIES hand crafted farmhouse kitchen sink is the true embodiment of the farmhouse home designs prevalent in traditional European homes. The technique and artistry incorporated in the design of this classy and elegant kitchen sink has resulted in a perfect fusion of traditional and modern home fixture design.

The stunning design of the sink is made possible with use of RHINO ALLOY certified 16-gauge stainless steel. This strong material is handcrafted leading to this elegant and highly functional kitchen sink.

Functionality and Aesthetics

Wouldn’t you love a kitchen sink big enough to accommodate all your pots and pans? You need ANZZI’s 32 in. ELYSIAN SERIES hand crafted farmhouse kitchen sink. It has a deep cavernous soaking basin that accommodates all your pots, pans, and plates. The annoying clinking sounds from the pots and pans etc. is quietened by the ECHO-STOP sound dampening pads as well as a layer of protective composite coating. Quite in the kitchen and absence of condensation will make your kids love the kitchen too.

The design of this farmhouse kitchen sink includes well defined diversion lines that ensure there is total and quick water drainage. Cleaning the sink is simplified by the subtly curved corners.

Distinctive Features

  • The single cavernous deep soaking basin
  • ECHO-STOP sound absorbing technology
  • Triple coated underside
  • Lifetime warranty and shipping within 24 hours after order processing
  • Safety assurance by cUPC certification and the certified RHINO ALLOY 304 stainless steel with the 16-gauge strength
  • Comes with perfectly fitting strainer and a drain assembly with an insert strainer basket and mounting hardware

With such unique features that guarantee quiet, safe, and efficient dish and grocery cleaning, you can further enjoy cooking. What are you waiting for? Get your 32 in. ELYSIAN SERIES hand crafted farmhouse kitchen sink from ANZZI today.

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